How To Get Rid Of Leg Cramps

At a party you are having a great time dancing away in to the night when all of a sudden you are seized with a terrible shooting pain in your calf muscles and you really need to kick of those heels and get a place to sit. Your whole party mood has vanished, all because of a stupid leg cramp which seized you at the wrong moment. All of us have been prey to this horrible situation at one point or another in our lives. The scenario may be different but leg cramps tend to occur at the worst possible.

These muscle cramps are seriously painful and come on so suddenly that you are gripped with panic and are rendered helpless for the time it just doesn’t go away. There are many reasons as to why a leg cramp may occur. Number one being a misbalance in the electrolytes in your body and number two over use of a certain muscle group Read on to find few ways in which you can get rid of muscle cramps.

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Tips on getting rid of leg cramps

• As soon as you get a leg cramp, try sitting in a safe place to make sure you don’t fall over. Take two fingers and press them down on the area which is experiencing the cramp. Start moving your fingers in a circular direction. This will increase the blood flow to the affected area. Keep doing so until you feel your muscle relaxing and the cramp ebbing away.

• If you are at home and have access to warm water, dip your legs in a bucket full of warm water, this will activate the blood flow and help to calm and relax your muscles which have contracted due to the cramping.

• If you experience a muscle cramp in your calves. Lie down on the floor and put your feet on the wall. Try stretching your feet to the maximum. You will notice the cramp ebbing away.

• If you have a cramp in your hamstring, try to lift your leg backwards and stretch it will the help of someone or your hands, if you can manage. Stretching is a great way of getting rid of leg cramps. It improves the blood flow to the muscles and also helps to relax them.

• Often a warm shower would provide immediate relief. If you cant shower, place a warm washcloth on the cramped leg muscle and you will feel soothing relief.

• Another way of getting rid of cramps for good is to drink plenty of water. This will keep your muscles well hydrated and allow them easy and smooth contractions which will not result in cramping. Dehydration is also one of the causes of muscle cramps.

• If you are an athlete and experience quite a number of leg cramps or if you are in a profession which involves use of leg muscles then you need to supplement your diet with mineral drinks like Glucozade or Gatorade.

• For night time leg cramps, the best thing to do is stretch your legs with the help of a wall just before going to bed. This will greatly reduce the incidence of leg cramps.
Follow the above mentioned tips on getting rid of leg cramps in a fast and effective manner.

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