How To Get Rid Of Eye Glasses

Weak eyesight is a common problem and each day thousands of people have to get prescription glasses for their weak eyesight. Though there are many designs and options for eye glasses available, but eye glasses tend to look sort of nerdy and mostly women hate wearing eyeglasses.

These eyeglasses can prove to be a bane for people who play sports or are in professions in which they have to deal with heat on a daily basis. Imagine a chef cooking a hot meal over a fire and his or her glasses getting all foggy. This is certainly annoying for most people.

Eye glasses

It is therefore natural that many people would prefer to get rid of eye glasses for good. Our eyes are a gift and we must take proper care of them. Follow some of these tips below to get rid of eye glasses

Tips on getting rid of eye glasses

• Getting rid of eyeglasses is easy with the availability of contact lenses. Contact lenses can help you see better without the use of glasses. In fact there are some contact lenses which are weakly wear and which can be through out the week and cleaned just once in seven days. These also come in a variety of colors and appeal to most women as a good option.

• Another way of getting rid of eye glasses is to get a laser eye surgery done. This makes use of an artificial lens which is inserted in your eyes, this helps you to see better and also get rid of eye glasses.

Natural ways of getting rid of eyeglasses

There are many people out there who cannot afford expensive procedures like laser eye surgery and there are even more who just cant bear the hassle of using contact lenses on a daily or weekly basis and would like to use more natural methods of getting rid of eye glasses. Read on these few tips to get rid of eyeglasses safely and effectively.

• There are also some natural ways of improving your eyesight. These include various exercises by which you can improve your vision. One way is to hold a pencil away from your face and keep it at arms length. Try to focus on the pencil, all the while bringing it closer to your face, stop as soon as you start seeing two pencils instead on one. This will help you focus clearly and also improve your vision.

• Try blinking your eyes as often as you can through out the day.

• Try moving your eyes in clockwise and anti clockwise direction. Do this exercise through out the day.

• There are also certain foods which you must avoid to improve your eyesight, this includes foods containing monosodium glutamate.

• Protect your eyes from the sun by wearing sunglasses everyday

• Read books in a sitting position and not lying down

• Watch TV from as far away as possible

• Eat foods like carrots, eggs, milk and apricots, high protein foods like fish, beef and chicken also help in improving eyesight and stop the eyes from being damaged.

• Practice the above mentioned exercises and consume the above mentioned foods to get rid of glasses naturally and for good.