How To Get Rid Of Earaches

There are many causes for earaches but the most common cause is infection in the ear. Infection is generally caused by bacteria or viruses. Our ear has three parts and they are outer part, middle part and inner part. Bacteria or viruses attack the middle and inner part of the ear and cause earaches. The organs of these parts are generally affected by infection. The causes of earaches can be severe or minor. If your pain comes back often and you cannot concentrate on your work, you should not neglect it anymore and you should definitely go for medical help.

How to Get Rid of Earaches

By applying some home remedies and natural treatments you can get rid of earaches. These remedies are simple and easy to try at home for immediate relief. Let us see them

Getting Rid of Earaches

• Applying heat can reduce your earache instantly. There are many ways of applying heat. Take a warm water bottle and press it against your ear. You can also use a blow dryer. Set the dryer on low and hold it ten inches away from your ear. A cloth socked in warm water is also useful. Press the cloth against your ear for 10 to 20 minutes. The fluid in your ears move easily when you apply heat. Never apply heat in your ear for a long time. Take little gaps while giving heat. Be very careful and do not burn yourself.

• Olive oil is very effective to get rid of earaches. Olive oil acts as lubricating agent and reduces the pain. Heat the oil until it is warm, do not over heat it. Now apply 2 to 3 drops in the affected ear and wait for some time to sock the oil in the ear. In this case olive oil is used as a substitute for ear drops.

• Garlic is very useful in relieving pain. It has natural pain relieving and antibacterial properties. Cook garlic cloves in sesame oil and strain the oil. Use 2 to 3 drops in the affected ear when it is still warm. You can also eat some garlic cloves to speed up the healing process.

• Onion is another vegetable which can give you relief from earaches. Take an onion, cut and crush it. Then warp it tightly in a thin cloth and press it against the ear and lay down for some time. Repeat the method when the pain increases. If you do not have onions. You can try this same method with ginger.

• One of the herbal remedies is using basil for soothing the pain. Take some basil leaf and crush them. Then heat them and extract the juice. Apply the juice on and around the affected ear. You can also apply peppermint oil around the ear. This application treats the minor aches and infections.

• Take painkillers, if you want relief for some time. Painkillers will not make your actual ache go away but it will reduce your extreme pain within minutes. You should consult a doctor, if your pain returns frequently and you have other symptoms like fever, vomiting etc.

• Untreated earaches can even cause deafness. There are many reasons for earaches. So, it will be a wise decision to take the help of a doctor, if your ache comes back often. The doctors may suggest antibiotics or give you nasal spray, if you need them. Ear wax can also be the issue. Your doctor will extract the hardened wax manually and this treatment can solve your ache problem. Do not neglect your earaches. Treat it with care and you will be able to get rid of earaches easily.