How To Get Rid Of Dry Mouth

A dry mouth or ‘Xerostomia’ as the professional’s would call it is defined as a ‘the subjective symptom of dryness in the mouth’- No rocket science here. We all know that don’t we? It’s irritating and sometimes a mood-spoiler if you happen to experience this regularly. But don’t worry, by the time you finish this article, you will have a solution in hand.

Have it regularly? Well you might be part of the 10% of people who do. That is 70 million (yes ‘Million’) if the current population metrics are to be believed. Here is a small checklist of potential remedies

How to get rid of dry Mouth

1. Drink lots of water:

This might sound trivial, but do you actually drink what you really require? Not jokingly most of us do not drink the prescribed ‘ 8 glasses of water a day’. In reality this is dependent on your lifestyle, location, temperature and a lot of other things.
Yet our body’s are hardwired to indicate our need for water. The signal- Obviously when you feel thirsty. Unfortunately a lot of these are masked by our food habits, the environment, etc. Then again, here is a small check list of things to do.

1.1 Avoid meat and other saturated food products ( anything really salty or sweet )
1.2 When you drink water, if you feel like you are full half way (which happens to a lot of people). Take deep breaths and finish of the glass in small gulps.

1.3 Exercise! You might think moving you body less will result in less water loss. On the contrary, If you drink lots of water, and exercise the fresh blood with water will circulate though out the body, helping your throat become refreshed . This cleans out your whole body in the process.

2. Watch your diet – Try the following alternatives: –

2.1: Condition your body to drink only water, even when remotely thirsty. Most of us will settle for coke, a smoothie, when we actually need water. The signal is masked in the process and hence less water content in your body.

2.2 Hard shifting to a diet having less meat? Yes Non – Vegetarian diet requires a lot more water than the vegetarian ones to properly get digested. Make fruit juice for your family – (remember to use minimum sugar). Have a contest with your gang of friends, Last Vegan standing 🙂 . Make drinking water fun.

2.3 Eat a lot more fruits with high water content.

3. Consult your local Doctor :

No person writing an article like this can give you a solution like a trained doctor can. Consult your doctor! – They physically examine you, and can find out the exact problem- Whereas we will not even see you.

Remember you are not the only person having a dry throat. And if you Google, you might get a lot of motivation for finding a solution. If you have a tip to share that helped you get rid of a dry mouth, please do share it with our readers in the comment section below.