How To Get Rid Of Dermatitis

What Is Dermatitis? Dermatitis also called eczema is an allergic skin condition that causes inflammation in the skin. It is a dry itchy patch of skin. The itchiness and scratching can cause sores. Dermatitis can cause leathery and scaly skin. Dermatitis is not contagious, but it is an irritating condition and prone to infection. It must be treated as soon as possible. It can appear all over the body like the neck, the groin area and behind the knee. Places that sweat a lot are places that dermatitis mostly appears.

How to Get Rid Of Dermatitis


What are the possible causes of dermatitis? It isn’t determines where dermatitis or eczema starts. Some of the possible trigger for dermatitis is heat, particular type of fabric/ clothing, Endogenous factors, microorganism, stress, food allergy, humidity, pollution or chemicals. Dermatitis usually appears in infants and young adults. Adults can get Eczema too.


Typically Dermatitis is easy to see, but it is hard to tell if what kind of dermatitis it is or its just allergies. It usually starts with itching, inflammation and redness. There are three staged to Dermatitis

• Acute stage – redness, watery and thickening of the skin.
• Sub-Acute Stage – red spots, dry skin and inflammation will subside a bit
• Chronic Stage – scaly, darkening of the skin and dry

Get Rid of Dermatitis (the Medicinal Way)

Eczema Ointment is applied lightly on the affected area. Most ointments are over the counter products. Prolong use of this ointments after the affected areas heal can cause headaches, mood swings and sleepiness
Oral Medication can be taken to relieve the itchiness of dermatitis and slowly heal the problem. Prolong use of the medication can have side effects like stretch marks, higher cholesterol level, weak immune system and weight gain. Oral medication should be only used in the specific time given by your medical professional to avoid any of the side effects.

When infections start to set in your physician will advise you to take antibiotic creams or tablets only take the needed medication to avoid making the condition worst.

Phototherapy is s treatment used by patients with severe dermatitis. This treatment can cause premature ageing and possibly cancer if used over time. It is expensive and not really advice.

Get Rid of Dermatitis (the Natural Way)

• Turmeric – Turmeric is mainly used as an anti-inflammatory. You can buy tablets or pills that are all natural turmeric in drug stores. There are also turmeric creams and oil to apply to the skin
• Chamomile – Is an anti-itch and in anti-inflammatory. You can use chamomile tea as a patch for the infected area. Chamomile is the best possible product for treating dermatitis the natural way.
• Walnuts leaves – Walnut leaves are usually used for scabies but are also effective in treating dermatitis.
• Oatmeal baths – Oatmeal baths powder base products can be used to relieve the itchiness of dermatitis.
• Cod liver oil, Vitamin E and aloe Vera oil can be applied to the area to reduce the symptoms.


• Reduce your time in the shower, moisture can help the dermatitis to spread
• Avoid using strong soap
• Avoid fabrics that can cause itchiness opt for the smooth and soft fabrics
• Take your medication consistently
• Do not share clothes or towels; even though it is not contagious other people’s bacteria can cause the dermatitis to worsen.
• If the area infected is on the face avoid using greasy and heavy creams.