How To Get Rid From Whiteheads

White heads is the classification of acne and can be said as a bane for any teen. These are the white polka dots appearing on the face taking on to a white or yellow color because they are not exposed to oxygen. Face has tiny hairs which are connected to sebaceous glands in our skin which secretes ‘sebum’ which moist skin and hairs. When the sebum, body’s natural oil, dead skin and cellular fragments gets accumulated in the pores of skin it takes the form of white heads. It is kind of irritating to have these whiteheads which destroy the beauty of the face. Sometimes when we find nothing better to do we seek to pop them out with our hands. By doing this the condition gets worse that can aggravate leading to scarring and infection. We should avoid doing that.

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Let us note the following ways which will help us getting rid of white heads without any harmful effects

Getting rid of the white heads

  • Mostly these whiteheads are seen on oily skins because more sebum is secreted naturally on the face of some individuals. These are seen more around eyes and cheeks. It makes the skin hard and uneven. They appear more during hormonal changes, pregnancy and teenage. It is better to consult the dermatologist rather than popping them out with hands and making the situation bad.
  • White heads can be avoided by washing the face twice a day with mild soap. Washing your face is a ritual that will beautify the skin. Benzyl peroxide can be used to treat it at first it can cause redness but it will soon go away. Alpha hydroxide fruit acids have found to be useful in this case. So these are the medications we should follow as prescribed by our doctor. Various creams and gels are also available in this regard.
  • In other way after washing the face and drying it we should apply some moisturizer to moist the skin. So that the skin does not remain dry. Then proper cleansing and mild scrubbing can serve the purpose. By using this method skin remains clean without any debris. We should not touch the area repeatedly otherwise pustules can be formed.
  • We can manually remove the white heads by using steam to warm up the face then by help of an extractor which pops out the white head. Less use of the beauty products which are oil based because they close the pores hence less oxygenation to your skin. Using the make up not much but preferring the natural look is advisable. We can exfoliate the skin enriching the skin hence making it look fresh. Proper mask can be really effective as a treatment.
  • Our eating habits can safe us too. By proper hydration and eating healthy stuff that is, intake of fresh vegetables and fruits can prevent from white heads plus making the skin glow. Medical treatments are good but nothing goes best but treating it naturally and taking proper care of the skin. We should apply the preventive measures to get away with white heads.