How to Get Rid From Sore Muscles

Sore muscles usually accompany heavy exercise or weight lifting. This is normal for the athletes and weight trainers and it is not very hard to get rid of. During your exercise muscle takes up energy from the lactic acid and sore muscles is due to the damage to your muscles or some form of lactic acid deficiency or overproduction. Remember sore muscles do not happen if you undergo Light exercises but heavy exercises.


Sore muscles can be treated with a variety of ways. Let us look at some of the productive ways by which you can get rid of the sore muscles.

Getting rid of the sore muscles

  • Usually the sore muscle accompanies after heavy weight training. And there are people who do not consider as something to be cautious about but they are happy that they have worked so hard that their muscles have been teared up and swelled. The muscle which has been swelled can cause a lot of pain sometimes and for that you to ingest in some anti inflammatory or analgesic drugs like ibuprofen or paracetamol etc. Before the heavy weight training you should go for a light pre weight training so that your muscle becomes used to the heavy training and it does not tear up during your work out. This is a preventive measure and it should be carried out just before you indulge in the work out. Otherwise the chances are very likely that your muscle will end up in sore muscles.
  • Sometimes the sore muscles accompany overly exercised muscles or the strained muscles that have put through a great amount of pressure under the heavy exercise i.e. running or jogging etc. This most definitely happens when you work a lot during an exercise.  The symptoms are not that different from the one you observe in the former case except for the tenderness. Tenderness is observed when you jog for a mile or more and sometimes that tenderness can cause excessive pain. To reduce the pain of the tenderness as well as swelling you need to carry out some preventive measure like you need to stretch your muscle for a while and do normal jogging or walking. You do not need to put your entire body in burden. Gently massage the area where there is inflammation and you will feel relaxed as well as painless for some period of time.
  • Before you start a work out make sure that you start with a smaller load and do not go for the heavy load at the very beginning because it will result in tearing of your muscles and hence spraining of your muscles.
  • Hydrate yourself with lots of water because it will revitalize your body and you will feel energetic.
  • After strong and sturdy workout you can rub the ice over the affected areas. It really helps.
  • During the weight training you should go for lighter sets. Do not start off with the heavier sets because it will only cause you trouble and no benefits.