How To Get Rid From Scabies

Of all the itching diseases in the world scabies is the one that is the worst of all. Scabies disease is associated with an itching mite which is omnipresent in all parts of the world irrespective of the atmosphere and environment. It can be found in your clothes, in your cupboards and closets and even in the nook and corners of your rooms. These are not human friendly parasites and once you touch them or the parasites touch you the itching will instantly start happening and it will keep on happening unless and until you do something to stop it. Itching is the worst thing these mites cause but there are some other skin infections too associated with these mites. These mites cannot live outside their host after 36hours and the most easy way for them to transfer is through your clothes or bed linen.

There are numerous ways with which you can control the itching of the mites let us look at some of them.

Getting rid of the Scabies

  • Keep yourself clean. Yes there is no short cut of getting rid of the scabies except that you keep yourself clean. Wash yourself with soap every day and take a bath.  Wash your clothes and especially the bed sheets because these sheets are the main transferring way of the mites that cause scabies. If you are having any sexual contact with someone then make sure that you are not getting transferred with the scabies mites from him/her. Like said earlier it is very impossible for the mites to live outside of their host for 36 hours so you need to very cautious while you are dealing with this problem.
  • In order to confirm that you have got scabies you need to consult a doctor particularly a dermatologist. If the infection is spreading or you have detected an infection then go to the doctor as soon as you can.
  • There are quite a number of skin medications available then can get rid of scabies for you. The most famous of these skin medications is the Lindane and Permethrin. Before you start scrubbing these skin ointments on your skin make sure that you read the prescription or the written material on the back cover of the medicine. There are a lot of things mentioned on the back cover of the medicine and you should be aware of those stuff. Lindane should not be used on the pregnant women because it has been reported that there are some serious side effects associated with the use of Lindance on the pregnant women. The best thing is to consult your doctor about the ointment stuff because he can guide you well
  • Sulphur is a main constituent of the skin creams and it is very helpful in all kinds of skin disorders. So if you want to make your skin better I would suggest that you increase the use of sulphur. Wash your entire body with soap especially the affected areas and then apply the sulphur cream on those areas. Do this procedure every day and you will see the effect in some days.