How to Get Rid From Melanoma

Melanoma is the form of skin cancer usually people suffer from it due to mutation in their genetic make up and also exposing the body to sun for long periods of time. Sun emits UV (Ultraviolet radiations) which damages the skin and cause cancer. Melanoma is of four types. Among them three are in situ while the forth one is invasive it’s the most dangerous form. Same as the types it has four stages too.

I and II stages are localized but the next two III and IV stages spreads to different parts of the body. Melanomas can be recognized at the early stage and hence it is curable until it becomes malignant.

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We can treat the melanomas by adopting the following measures

Getting rid of melanomas

  • Melanomas appear like moles on the skin. It occurs in the person who have family history, skin exposure, particular skin type, type of a mole and weakened immune system. Everyone is at risk but these factors make person more vulnerable to have melanoma.
  • Self examination serves to be the best we can do it by knowing about the ‘ABCDEs of melanomas’ in which the moles appear to be Asymmetry, Border uneven, Color, Diameter changing and Evolving shape. There is another method which is called as ‘ugly duckling signs’ in which the shape of mole is unusual which makes it easy to detect. These methods make us identify the early stages of melanoma and are curable at this stage.
  • When the melanomas spread in the body and they reach the lymph nodes it’s advisable to go for the surgery. Other methods are also performed, like chemotherapy it has a very strong drug which kills the cancer cells it can be given in a form of pill or given intravenously with a purpose that it directly reach the affected area solely. Radiation therapy is also done by using the beam and killing the cancerous cells. But the highly radiated beam causes the person to be fatigued and he feels lethargic. Immune or biological treatment is given in which products are given which are prepared in the laboratory that boost up the immune system and help the body to fight against the cancerous cell so that the spread is controlled and the person gets rid of the cancer.
  • By taking caring of few little things we can save ourselves by suffering from melanomas. Sunscreen lotions with SPF of 15 applying it before going in sun can make our skin not getting affected by UV radiations. If it is planned to stay for long duration in sun reapply the sunscreen. Covering the skin by clothes, wearing sun glasses and using lip balms can help us. We can educate people by telling them that it’s not safe to expose the body for long duration in the skin and restrain them. However the makeup items etc which have carcinogenic compounds should be avoided.



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