How To Get Rid From Hemorrhoids At Home

One of the most painful diseases you will ever encounter in your life is the “hemorrhoids”. This disease is actually caused due to the dilatation of vein in the lower abdominal region or the terminal abdominal region that consists of rectum and anal canal. The veins of rectum and anal canal are the usual sites of vein engorgement. There is a lot of pain in the hemorrhoids that you can barely sit and most of the times you have to stand up for a lot of time. It has been reported that this diseases accompanies a lot of itching in the anal region. There are a lot of problems in defecation too. This is entirely due to the dilatation of the veins in that region because you feel like defecating it becomes extremely hard to excrete out feces due to the pain.

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There are a lot of was by which you can get rid of the hemorrhoids. Let us gaze at some of them.

Getting rid of Hemorrhoids

  • One of the very good ways to relieve yourself from this condition is by blotting the area where you feel hemorrhoids are present. After taking the shower, you need to fetch some rough towel or paper piece or tissue paper and with gentle touch blot the area where the hemorrhoids are present. After almost 20-30minutes you shall see the result.
  • Try sitting on a soft and padded surface because hemorrhoids will be soothed to a great extent. Never sit on a rough or hard surface because in that condition hemorrhoids will only get worsened. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that you do not have to sit on the ground or in an open field area like the garden or park etc.
  • Another great source to get rid of the hemorrhoids is Vitamin E. Take the Vitamin E and rub it on the affected surface. Keep on repeating the above procedure every day because only then you will get the desired results.
  • You can make use of the oils as well to get rid of the pain and engorgement of the dilated veins. The procedure is the same as the Vitamin E and many doctors have not just suggested but recommended the use of Vitamin E and oils like chestnut and castor oil in the respective affected areas.
  • There are numerous medical pads available as a cure for hemorrhoids. And these pads give you guarantee satisfaction. Although medical pads should not preferred over the above mentioned procedures but if you are not getting any desired results from the above mentioned procedures then you can always use the medical pads.
  • Taking a bath every day will always help the hemorrhoid patient and it will reduce their suffering.
  • And if not a single procedure works out then you can always use the hemorrhoid cream after consulting your doctor. There are a lot of creams available in the market and you can use any to get rid of the hemorrhoids.