How To Get Rid From Heart Burn

Heart burning is a very annoying condition one faces and the bad thing about this condition is that there is no known cause for it. You will see a lot of people complaining that this condition is caused due to eating the spicy foods while you will also see some people saying that because of ingesting in the excess food they have faced the heart burning condition. Then there is also a lot saying that it is caused due to acid suppressants. Whatever the reason is you have to find it and fix it as soon as you can.

There are a lot of treatments available to get rid of the heart burn. There are some treatments that include prevention then there are some treatments that include eating some antibiotics or some other medicines. Let us see in detail some of the main treatments that you can abide by in order to get rid of this pestering condition.

Getting rid of Heart Burn

  • Eating healthy foods is the main thing you need to do. Those who eat healthy foods consisting largely of vegetables and fruits are most likely the least sufferers of heart burn. On the contrary those who eat lots of junk food and oily spicy food are the victims of heart burning condition. So you need to make a proper diet plan and you need to think twice before eating any unhealthy food.
  • Another handy trick that you can do to avoid the heart burning condition is staying or standing upright after taking a meal. Yes this is a very decent trick and it will keep your heart burning condition go away for a good amount of time. There are people who just start bending over after eating lunch or dinner and they fail to realize that this is one of the main reasons for their heart burning condition. But you should ponder on not bending after you consume a lot of food. Keeping upright make the acid in your stomach as it is and helps build the acid in your stomach. So keep upright whenever you consume food.
  • Whenever you feel a flicker or a tiny tinker of the acid burning or heart burning, then drink plenty of water because water keeps the acid in your stomach and you feel light. The good thing about water is that it washes down the acid and keeps your stomach and esophagus hydrated and flushes down the excess acid from these places into your large intestine rectum and through faeces expelled out from your body.
  • There is a heart burn relieving tea available that can be consumed in large amounts to keep yourself away from the heart burn.  This is not very different from the normal tea except that it has some specific constituents that will make sure that you get a proper amount of relief from your heart burn.
  • Make some saliva and swallow it. Yes it may seem nauseating a bit but it does help and relieves you heart burn. You can generate the saliva by taking in some chewing gum or bubble gum.