How To Get Rid From Genital Warts

Warts anywhere in the body can be pesky and annoying but the warts that grown in the premises of your genital organs can be extremely vexing. There are quite a number of chances that if you are not cautious about your warts, your warts might grow into some skin diseases but mostly it does not happen. So you need to take care of your warts as soon as you find one. Warts are sort of skin lesions in the form of poxes appear in different parts of your body.

Genital warts have got the same features like other warts of your body except that they appear near to your genital organs or in rare cases on your genital organs. These warts are the potential sites of bacterial and viral infection and if you do not pay any heed to these warts the situation can become worse. Fortunately there are a lot of methods available now which can get you rid of these genital warts as soon as you find one. Let us take a look at some of the methods by which you can get rid of these warts.

Getting Rid of the Genital Warts

Control Sexual Urges

Control Sexual UrgesWell the easiest way to get rid of these genital warts is by controlling your sexual urges. Yes you need to slow down your sexual relationship with someone because the main reason for the growth of these warts is your attachment with someone. Bacteria can be transferred from one person to another due to the physical contact and hence it grows in or near your genitals in the form of warts. Most of the cases of genital warts have been reported to get it through the sexual contact.

The worst thing about this is that even your partner might be suffering from warts but you would not know it as most of the genital warts do not cause any symptoms. You can also use condoms to prevent yourself from these wicked warts. Most of the times these warts get cured by themselves but it depends on the feasibility of your immune system. But try avoiding any sexual contacts if you want to stay away from genital warts.

Apply Baking Soda on the Affected Area

Another good way to get rid of these warts is through the baking soda. Yes baking soda has actually proved to be pretty useful to cure genital warts. Mix baking soda in the water until it becomes a thick paste like substance.


When it becomes a paste then apply some of it on the affected area. Repeat this procedure every day two times and after a couple of days you will see that your warts will be gone.

Heat Lamp or Hair Dryer

It has been said that if you apply some heat on the affected area the warts will be cured. Some people try a heat lamp or hair dryer on the affected area and it works. Do not apply this procedure more than two times a day. You can apply this procedure once in the morning and once in the evening. After some days you will see the improvement.

Found these tips useful? Do you know any that worked for you? Share it with us in the comment section below and we’ll add this to our list.

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