How to Get Rid From Cradle Cap

After the delivery of the baby lots of complication arises in the babies and sometimes mother and one such complication which springs up in the babies is known as cradle cap. Cradle cap is a sort of skin infection which develops on the scalp of the babies and can cause serious damage if not treated early.

Cradle cap usually arises after the two weeks of the baby’s birth and heals itself after a few days but in some instances it does not heal properly and persists for long. In those conditions when the cradle cap does not heal by itself you need to take proper measures and get rid of it as soon as you can. Sometimes the cradle cap leads to serious brain disorders may damage the underlying areas of the scalp. So you need to treat it effectively and as soon as you find it out.

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There are quite a number of healthy and medical ways to get rid of the cradle cap. Let us discuss some of them.

Getting rid of the Cradle Cap

  • The cradle cap occurs in the form of dry patches on the scalp of the babies and they can be removed by topping it off with your fingers. Yes this is the most effective and easy method to get rid of the cradle cap and it does not cause any side complications on the babies. Mothers are normally advised to perform this or people with light and soft fingers so they do not damage the underlying skin of the babies.
  • Another way to get rid of the cradle cap is by washing the scalp of the baby with hot water or wiping it off with some sponge after dipping it in the warm/hot water. When you apply the water on the affected area it gets soft and rubbing it off or peeling it off becomes much easier and you do not have to face trouble while scarping the dead skin off from your babies’ scalp.
  • Sometimes the dead skin is not so easy to scrap off so you need a decent solution to rip it off. The decent solution is available in the form of oil or any other baby solution. Apply it on the scalp of the baby and remove the skin of your baby.
  • If the cradle cap is not easy to get rid off or if it keeps getting on then you ought to use the medicated dandruff shampoo on the skin of your baby. Dandruff shampoo has got the constituents you need to apply to the skin of your baby. It has got tar which softens the skin and lets it peel off by itself easily.
  • Sometimes the cradle cap brings along redness and inflammation of the scalp and in that condition you need to use the hydrocortisone cream. Hydrocortisone cream is really good if you need to remove all the side complication associated with cradle cap. But make sure when you apply the hydrocortisone cream. Do not try to apply it near the eyes of the baby.

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