How To Get Rid From Cold Sores

Like all the other minor health related problems which can be pretty annoying at times cold sores too are one such illness which can be pretty devastating for your life for a small amount of time if not treated or cared well. Cold sores are sometimes regarded as the underlying symptom of a disease but the recent studies have proved it wrong. Cold sores are normally found near the lips or around the corners of your mouth. Sometimes cold sores can also appear near the sides of your cheeks and chin. There are chances that if you do not treat your cold sores well it may develop into a lip or skin carcinoma so it is better to treat it immediately as you can.

Many theories have been hailed to treat the cold sores. Let us just gaze at some of them.

Getting rid of Cold Sores

  • Do not touch your cold sore if you have got one because if you touch it and then touch your hand anywhere else on the body chances are that you might end up getting a skin infection at that particular place where you have touched it. It is not actually a cure but a preventive measure.
  • Ingest in larger amount of vitamins every day. Yes this would prove to be very helpful to your health and in treating the cold sores. Studies have shown people who take in large quantities of vitamin are least likely to get the cold sores. Take in the Vitamin B complex every now and then to keep those cold sores out break at a distance.
  • There are things to you need be careful of like getting out in the sun can be lethal for your existing cold sore so you need not to go out in the sun every time you get the cold sore. And try replacing your tooth brush because there are quite a number of chances that you may spread the infection somewhere else in the mouth.
  • We have talked a lot about the preventive measure now let us delve into the curable techniques we can make use of. The best thing you can do to cure the cold sore is by using the ointments and creams to cure it. Abreva is a very renowned cream used to treat the cold sores that are present on the lips and the mouth. It is a very decent and economical cream which everyone can afford and it is easily available from the medical stores. You need to apply the cream to the burning area of your skin. Use this cream once a day or if your condition is worsened then twice a day. Herpeset is also a good cream that you can use. The method for the usage of this cream is pretty similar to the other cream we discussed.
  • There are some home remedies you can use like the application of salt on the affected area. Since salt is a decent disinfectant and cold sore is a bacterial disease so salt will be a good cure.  If salt does not help then you can always use lemon or vinegar and apply it to the affected area. These home remedies have been in use for quite a time now.