How To Get Rid From Cold Sores

There are many illnesses of your everyday life which can be as pestering as anything and one such illness is the cold sore. Cold sores are usually regarded as the underlying symptom of any other disease but the recent studies have proved it right. The exact location of the cold sores is around your mouth and near the lips etc. Sometimes these sore can also be found near the sides of your cheeks and chin. Many a chances are that if you do not treat your cold sores it may well develop into a deadly carcinoma which in the later stages may become difficult to treat.

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Let us see at some of the best methods by which you can get rid of the cold sores.

Getting rid of Cold Sores

  • Make sure that you do not touch your cold sore if you have one because if you touch your cold sore and then you touch it somewhere else then there are chances that you may end up getting a cold sore elsewhere in the body. So keep your mind open all the time. As it is said “Prevention is better than cure”.
  • You do not have to go out for a sun bath or anything because the ultraviolet rays are not very healthy for a healthy person and you do not have to expose your cold sore to your sun. If you do then it may prove to be damaging.
  • Make sure that you change your toothbrush every once in a while. Even recent studies have shown that a person should change his tooth brush after every 3 months so that the infection cannot spread to other parts of the mouth.
  • The more you take in the vitamins the better are the chances of curing the cold sore you have got. Recent researches have shown people who DO not ingest large or even some quantities of vitamin are the most likely to get the cold sores. You are advised to take in Vitamin B complex.
  • We have discussed many preventive measure now let us see some of the cures for the cold sores. The best thing you can do or you should do to cure the cold sore is the use of “ointments or creams”. Abreva is a very renowned cream used to treat the cold sores that are present on the lips and the mouth. Some good creams are available by the exposed skin care products or the cure of cold sores. You just have to take a small amount o cream and apply the cream to the burning or swelled area of your skin. Use this cream according to the condition of your infection. If your infection is restricted then use the cream once a day but if the infection has spread to other parts of oral cavity then use it twice or thrice a day.
  • Some home remedies that can be o use for the cure of cold sores is the application of salt or lemon juice on the affected area.