How To Get Rid From Cavities

Cavities are the sort of plaques that accumulate on the outer surface of your teeth. Normally these cavities are related with the poor hygiene and a person who does not take care of his teeth is usually affected by these cavities. Cavities are also known as tooth decay and people who do not brush their teeth regularly are the sufferers of cavities. Cavities give rise to different bacteria on the surface of your teeth usually on the outer surface which is called as enamel and these bacteria will throw acid on your teeth decaying your teeth to the fullest. These bacteria will cause damage on your enamel and make sure that your teeth die out quickly. images (4) There are different ways to get rid of your dental cavities. Some ways require time while some ways require lots of money. Let us see briefly how we can get rid of the cavities.

Getting rid of the Cavities

  • Fluoride is essential for every tooth. Just as food is essential for your life and the water same goes for the fluoride for teeth. Without the adequate consumption of fluoride your teeth cannot grow or they cannot attain maximum strength. Fluoride is absolute necessity when it comes to the protection of your teeth. Fluoride comes in different forms and the most common form which can be used is in the form of tooth paste. You need to brush your teeth every day or twice a day because this is the foremost way to keep your teeth out of bacterial attack. You should make it a habit of brushing your teeth before you go to bed at night because your sleep time is the best time for bacteria to show its action on your teeth.
  • When the cavities have started damage on your tooth you need to consult your dentist because sometimes the situation cannot be handled with simple brushing of your teeth. You need to go for the drilling of your tooth and you should ask your dentist to do it for you. The portion of your tooth that has been decayed will be fixed or filled with the help of drilling and you will feel better. Most of the times after the drilling the original shape of the tooth is also restored.
  • Sometimes the situation cannot be altered with the help of filling too because your tooth decay has gone to a very bad level so for that you need to ask for a crown technique. Crown is an unnatural or fake tooth that is replaced instead of your original tooth. Your decayed tooth is worn off and is replaced with a crown tooth. This method has become pretty famous among the users who are suffering from dental cavities.
  • Sometimes the problem lies in the nerve of the tooth or the root of the tooth. In such cases you need to go for the root canal treatment because it is the best option available. The procedure of this case is the same as discussed above except that in this case root or nerve is also extracted.