How To Get Rid From Bruises

Bruises usually accompany the wounds on your body, mostly the superficial wounds. Usually bruises result when a blood vessel breaks and the blood seeps to the outside. Then the blood along with the vessel or the ectoderm becomes a bruise which is a mass of clotted blood and is black or dark blue in colour.

The bruises do not accompany the deep wounds but the superficial wounds. Bruises can become very dangerous for your body if not treated early and not treated well. Sometimes it can damage your skin and can make it pale while sometimes it can damage your surface ectoderm to the fullest.


Getting rid of the bruises

There are a lot of ways to get rid of the bruises. Let us see some of them

Apply Ice

The foremost thing that you need to do is apply some ice on the bruised area. It will cool down the area and will not let the excessive blood to seep out of the area and clog it. Not only this, it will also help in the reduction of swelling plus it will also heal the area more quickly.

The area where the bruise is present is more prominent than the other areas of the body so you need to cool it down as soon as you can and it can only be done by the application of the ice on that area. There are different methods to put the ice over the area and the most apt method is by wrapping up the ice in some cloth or towel and covering the area with that ice cloth for some time. You will see the effect soon.

Take Measures to Prevent Clotting

The discolouration of the affected area takes place by the Clotting of the blood. So you need to stop down the Clotting of the blood and it can only be prevented effectively by reversing the flow of the blood from that area to some other area. Yes you need to start thinking about the reversal blood flow at the very earliest.

If the bruise has happened in your leg region then you need to lift up your leg so that the excessive blood does not fill up in the bruised area. It will help in healing the bruised are in time as well as no discolouration will take place.