How To Get Rid From Bruises fast

Bruises normally happen whenever your body gets a cut or a wound that may result in bleeding. And after the bleed the blood coagulates in that specific area giving it a dark reddish appearance. Bruise is a cut or a sort of an incision that may penetrate inside your body or sometimes it is just a superficial cut and does not penetrate deep inside your skin. Bruises are not very deleterious if they remain outside but the bruises can cause some serious damage if these bruises penetrated deep inside your skin. When the bruise is on the skin except for a minor skin injury it does not cause a lot of harm to the body.

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There are a lot of ways by which you can get rid of the bruise and make your skin healthy as always. Let us see some of the wise and useful ways to get rid of the bruises.

Getting rid of the Bruises fast

  • One of the fastest ways to get rid of the bruises is by the application of the ice of the affected are and it will reduce the swelling and color of the bruise to a great extent. Ice reduces the swelling by decreasing the temperature of the area as well as keeps it cool with by vasodilating the area which is affected with the bruise. Ice is an essential ingredient to get rid of the bruise fast.
  • If the ice is not available then you can always use the cold water which serves the same purpose as the ice. Although it is not as effective as the ice but it is a good and fast way to get rid of the bruise.
  • You can always sprinkle some cold water over the area after every 2-4 minutes. Cool water keeps your bruise clean and it gets healed in the proper time. Besides this you will also feel a sense of relaxation when you pour down the water on that area. Not only it will serve the same function as the ice does it will also reduce a significant amount of inflammation of that area plus a small degree of pain will also be gone.
  • The place where the bruise has taken place will be filled with a lot of blood and the blood flow will always be to that respective direction. You need to control the flow o blood and not let it ooze out of your body or pool in that area because once it starts pooling in the area it will coagulate. You need to take the measures to stop the coagulation as well as the flow of blood to that region. If the bruise is in your arm then you can stop it by changing the direction of flow of blood or by applying a little force on the area to stop the extravasation of blood.
  • You can always apply the pyodine or spirit solution once you get a bruise because it is a disinfectant and does not allow germs to get to the bruises place. It is another fast method to keep yourself away from the germ invasion after the bruise has taken place.