Maggots – 20 Effective Ways To Get Rid of These Tiny Creatures

6. Control Adults Flies

adult fly


Controlling the number of adult flies around you will also control the maggots. For controlling flies, fly swatters can be used. If the fly problem is quite significant, you can resort to pesticides or fly traps. But keep in mind, different flies require different methods of controlling them.

7. Beer Trap

This is a great method to attract maggots and kill them. Set out a lamp and place a dish of beer in a position which is easily accessible to the maggots. The maggots will crawl into the dish and eventually drown and die.

8. Steam iron

Hold a steam iron close to the maggots and then hit the steam button. The steam from the steam iron will immediately kill the maggots.

9. Burn the Maggots

Use a lighter, gasoline or blow torch to burn them down.

10. Drown the maggots

Maggots can also be collected and drowned in oil, gasoline, kerosene or any other fluids.

11. If you suspect the presence of maggots in your garbage disposal, pour hot boiling water with vinegar into the sink after cleaning out the garbage disposal.

12. Pour Bleach or lice shampoo on maggots.

13. Spray antiperspirant or hair spray on maggots.

14. Powdered lime, when poured on maggots, will kill them.

15. Vacuum the maggots and place them in a sealed plastic bag and throw them away.

Chemical Methods to Get Rid of Maggots


For maggots, the permethrin is most widely used chemical which is the most effective in destroying their infestation. This pesticide is considered to be safe and green. However, keep in mind all such pesticides are mildly toxic.

Method Of Use:

Clean the area for the stench created by the maggots by spraying the area with an odor removal spray. Doing this will neutralise the smell when you begin removing the maggots. This spray will also act as a disinfectant to kill various types of bacteria, viruses, and other types of microbes.

Cover your face with mask and goggles and use gloves when spraying.

Use a sprayer to spray permethrin over the maggot-infested area to kill any maggots that may be hidden. Many maggots have a tendency to leave their feeding area and can travel anywhere from 5 to 20 feet away, so use a sprayer to disperse permethrin over this large radius.

After this, clean the area by spraying water all over it.

For any remaining maggots, use a combination of pyrethrum and permethrin. Permethrin will prevent the recurrence of the infestation while pyrethrum will kill off any remaining maggots.

Dog Shampoos

Dog shampoos contain insecticides like permethrin, which can be used to kill maggots.


This is another chemical that comes in the form of sprays and powders. It works well when used to control severe maggot infestations. This is derived naturally from chrysanthemum flowers.

19. Toilet bowl cleaners can be used to clean maggots.

20. Topical anesthetic sprayed on maggots will freeze them and instantly kill them.

Medical Uses of Maggots

– Flies are very useful in the field of forensic medicine. Maggots feed on rotting flesh. Blowflies, which are one of the most common types of flies, are the first ones to get to a corpse.

Forensic entomologists are specialized in determining the time of death based on when the blow flies start to appear near a corpse. The maggots are also used to find out if the body has been moved around. They thus help crime-scene detectives to solve murder cases.

– Maggot Therapy:

Sterile Fly Maggots are also widely used in wound healing processes.These maggots break down and ingest infected or necrotic tissue. Known as “medical maggots”, these larvae are used to debride chronic wounds like ulcers caused due to pressure, neuropathic foot ulcers, nonhealing traumatic wounds, venous stasis ulcers or post surgical wounds.

They also disinfect the wounds by killing bacteria with the antimicrobial molecules that they release and thus, promote the process of wound healing.


Maggots have been known to feast on living beings, including humans. Their dietary habits are disgusting which gives them a bad reputation among people.

Most people tend to cringe when they see maggots and avoid them as much as possible. But these creatures appear suddenly out of nowhere, dropping from the ceiling, crawling out of cracks, laying on the floor and sometimes even on the wound of your beloved pet dog or cat, or humans!

These wriggly maggots are upsetting, nasty, and vile and as humans, we definitely, don’t want them around us. So it is very important that you recognize them and understand what they need in order to survive so that you can prevent their growth around you.