How To Get Rid Of Key Loggers

Key loggers are invisible computer applications that can record what you do in your computer and send them to another computer. Hackers install them to collect sensitive data from your computer. If your computer becomes slow while you are using it, your computer is likely having a key logger.

Key loggers, are programs used to collect confidential information such as bank password, security numbers and credit cards details. Those who collect this information use them for criminal and illegal activities. For example, criminals may get your bank password through key loggers and use it to steal money from your account.

Some people use them to spy on their partners. For example, wife or the husband can use key logger to monitor online activity of spouse.

They get installed in your computer without your knowledge. They can come to your computer with other programs when you transfer data from another computer, or when you are surfing the internet.

However, all key loggers are not dangerous and not employed for malicious purpose. Some programmes are designed with good intention. For example, if you want to monitor what your child surf on the net for security reasons, you can use a key logger to monitor the sites your child visit and people he contact online. These types of applications have a good intention. In fact, initially this software was developed with good intention, but later people misuse them to collect privet date. Criminal used this software to collect sensitive information.

Depending upon the level of sophistication of key logger, it can record all kind of keystrokes or it can record specific activity of your computer. Some of them can even record a screen shot of your computer and then send it to a another person.

3 Killer Ways to Remove Keyloggers

However, you can detect key loggers installed in your computer. Following simple method helps you to detect them.