How To Get Rid Of Computer Cookies

Computer cookies are the ripped off version of history. They contain the tiniest of details of your pc mostly your browsing stuff and can get stored in your PC. Cookies are usually harmless but if they get in the hands of a hacker or a malware then you are in trouble. Cookies may contains your Id’s and saved passwords so you need to get rid of them as soon as you get off of your internet session. Many browsers these days can store the cookies in your personal computers or laptop and to remove them is a hassle free task for anyone.

Getting Rid of Cookies

Every browser has a section of cookies now and it is very easy to remove the cookies from them. It just needs some clicks to get the job done.


  • If you are using Google Chrome then all you need to do is click on the top right corner of your browser. There is a dashed-appearance icon which you need to click. After clicking you just have to go to the “Settings” section. When you go the settings, you will see three different icons on the top left side of your browser naming History, Extensions and Settings. Left click on the History icon and then click on the clear browsing data. You will see the “Cookies” icon there. You can remove some or all the cookies by hitting the delete icon. To avoid this, you can also go straight to the “History” icon overlooking the “Settings” section. Just click on the dashed appearing top left sided icon and you will see a list dropping by. Search the history icon. Click it and delete the history.

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  • The procedure is pretty much the same in other browsers as well. For instance, you can delete the cookies in your Firefox browser by opening up the Menu of Firefox. From there, you just have to go to the options area and then to the privacy tab. In the privacy section you just have to look for the section of history and after clicking on it you will see the cookies section as well. There are two options of cookies removal in the Firefox. Either, you can remove all the cookies or you can remove some specific selected items. It is up to you what you want to do.

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  • In Internet Explorer, you need to visit the tools section of the browser and then click on the history link. When you click it, you will see different folders will pop in another window. You can see the cookie section in there as well. Just click on it and remove as many cookies as you can. Internet explorer does not offer the partial removal of cookies, you need to remove every cookie from the explorer.

Cookies, undoubtedly, are a great threat to your privacy and can expose you to the fullest. But they can also speed up your browsing in innumerable ways.

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