How To Get Rid Of Toe Fungus

Getting rid of toe fungus is hard especially due to abundance of misinformation. Toes nail fungus can be a real pestering situation especially when you don’t have the perfect remedy to counter it. Also, this situation usually develops when your feet are damp or wet and you don’t take proper care of them So, here are some tips which will will ensure you how to get rid of your toe fungus.

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Getting Rid of Toe Fungus

  • Firstly, strengthened your immune system. A weakened immune system leads to infections and developing fungus.
  • Exercise as possible. Because your feet have diminished blood circulation as compared to other parts of the body. Exercise as it improves the flow of blood and immune system.
  • Another solution is to apply tea tree oil. It is as effective as applying cream for relieving athlete’s foot.
  • Apply garlic as it contains antifungal compound aioene and has been shown to be effective against a number on fungal infections including athlete’s foot.
  • Do not share shoes as it is prone to infection. Even avoid sharing towels and bath mats.
  • Avoid walking barefoot in places like locker rooms, swimming pools, communal showers or public places as it can also be a reason to develop fungus.
  • Take an over the counter medication. For severe cases, get a prescription medication.
  • You can even soak your feet in the vinegar solution. Experts have recommended mixing one part of vinegar with two parts water and soaking your feet for about 29 minutes in it.
  • Do not wear on nail paints as they even worsen the situation. It may seem to be a helpful way to hide infection or toenail fungus but actually it can trap moisture against the nail.
  • For even severe cases, get a surgery as then it is the only way out.
  • Make sure you keep your toes dry especially between your toes.
  • To avoid spreading toenail fungus to your fingernails, wash your hands after handling infected toenails.
  • Make sure pedicure tools are clean and disinfected.
  • Sit at your porch bare feet and let your feet breathe.
  • Use commercial anti fungal cream to protect your feet.
  • Use Vaseline or petroleum jelly to massage your toes.
  • Change the environment of your feet. Do not depend on one type of sleepers or shoes as it may cause fungus to rise. Wear open toed sleepers to let your feet gain oxygen.

So, to get rid of your toe fungus, use any one method that seems to be more suitable. It can be the best one as none of them is exaggerated. Try them out!

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