How To Get Rid Of Tattoos On Your Body

Many of us have at one time or another wanted to get a tattoo, a tattoo though may seem like a fun thing in the beginning, it might later on become a source of embarrassment. Since tattoos are somewhat permanent, it is often difficult to get rid of them, most people take the dire measure of having them surgically removed.

Though it may seem a bit too much to have a tattoo removed surgically, there are some other ways too in which you can get rid of these tattoos. Often many of us might have gotten a tattoo in the heat of a moment, or maybe a past love inspired us to get a tattoo on our hands but it would be unkind for the new person in your life to be living with a reminder of your past.

Q-switch laser Treatment

Though you don’t need to sweat, all you have to do is to follow these basic tips to get rid of your tattoos, these techniques are similar to birthmark removal.

5 Great Ways to Get Rid of Tattoos

Q-switch laser Treatment


Getting a tattoo removed though a bit expensive can get you rid of this permanent mark for as much as 45 to 5o dollars a session. It also depends upon the size of your tattoo. The bigger it is the more sittings you will require. It is now quite easy to get your tattoo removed by using the Q-switch lasers. It normally works when a beam of light is focused on to your tattoo and breaks the ink into tiny particles which are then absorbed by your body.

Dermal Abrasion

There’s also a process called dermal abrasion. In this the top most layer of your skin is rubbed and the tattoo is scratched off from your skin. Though most physicians don’t recommend it, as it is quite painful and might harm your skin a bit. So this is definitely not for the faint hearted.