How To Get Rid Of Stomach Hair

So you are thinking of sporting a sexy bikini and are all game and set for it, yet you are too embarrassed to wear one because of unwanted hair on your stomach area. Even if you are a guy and would like to show off your abs minus all the springy hair, there are loads of options available to get rid of unwanted stomach hair.

Stomach hair not only looks unsightly, but it is also a major source of embarrassment, especially for women. Often people resort to drastic measures to get rid of these unwanted hairs, but this can be achieved safely and without much hassle if you do take the following steps to get rid of unwanted stomach hair.

How to get rid of stomach hair

• You may try shaving the hair off. Yes girls too. There are ladies razors available in quantity. Shaving is a quick and easy way of getting rid of hair anywhere on the body, but there are certain drawbacks associated with shaving, this may include a pretty fast re growth, which might be as often as 2 to 3 days for women and even earlier for men. Shaving is also often accompanied by a certain degree of itchiness. As soon as a new hair springs out, you might start feeling that familiar itch, with shaving as an option, you might need to do it pretty often.

• You might try to use depilatory creams, these are often the cheapest option after shaving. These will help you get rid of any unwanted hair in a matter of seconds. Though there is one major drawback of these creams and that is they might irritate your skin. If you are too sensitive then you might like to skip this step altogether.

• Waxing is also a great option, especially for women. Waxing the hair off can give you a real smooth and clean look and the hair growth is also delayed by a few days. Though waxing is something which most men would be unable to stomach and that is mainly because of the amount of pain associated with this process. Women have hair which is slightly easier to come off while men have hard and coarse hair, which would hurt like crazy when pulled off. So if you are a guy reading this, you better skip this option.

• Sugaring is also a good way of getting rid of unwanted hair. all you need to do is make a sugar paste and apply it on the stomach, wait for a while for it to dry off and then start rubbing the stomach areas, the hair will also start coming off, though its a lot less painful then waxing, it might not leave your abs as smooth as waxing does.

• Laser hair removal is also a great option. If the hair is concentrated on the navel only, it would be better to get an electrolysis done, because electrolysis works well on smaller areas. It’s also a little more expensive then waxing, but is a permanent solution to all your hairy worries.

• Electrolysis is also a good option, especially if you have dark skin, laser removal works well on lighter skin but not too great on people who are dark skinned. Electrolysis is a permanent procedure and will help you get rid of unwanted hair for good!