How to get rid of female facial hair

Women should look presentable and well groomed at all times. No matter whatever profession in life they choose. Either a stay at home mother, a career oriented girl or somewhere in between, each of us has this personal desire to look our best at all times. For this we might have to take several trips to a parlor, for haircuts and facials, but what about facial hair. Facial hair needs to be taken care of as well.

Though every woman is different, yet they all have one common problem and that is facial hair. Nothing looks more disgusting then a female with hair sprouting on her upper lips. Shaping the eyebrows and removing excess hair can change your whole look as well. Read on to see a few tips on getting rid of facial hair.

How to get rid of female facial hair

Tips for getting rid of facial hair

• Threading is a great option for getting rid of facial hair. Threading can also help you change the whole look of your face and make you appear tremendously well groomed. The shape of your eyebrows also adds a certain dimension to your overall appearance. Threading is a great option for women who have a high pain threshold and can bear the removal of fine hairs with relative ease. However most women need to thread after every 10 to 12 days and sometimes a little later, depending on hair growth

• Tweezing is also one way of getting rid of facial hair, but it is also quiet painful, even more so then threading. Imagine pulling out each hair one by one with your own hand!

• Waxing is good for those who have excess facial hair; it also helps to retard the growth of hair over time. Waxing facial hair is not so painful and you can get away with waxed brows and upper lips and look great as well.

• Prevention of hair growth is something which is practiced religiously in places such as India; it includes mixing a paste of gram flour, milk and kesar and rubbing on to the face daily. The gram flour causes hair to break off and eventually retard its growth. It’s a popular method and is started as soon as a girl enters her puberty.

• Laser hair removal has also become quite popular in the past few decades. Many aesthetic clinics have opened up to cater to women’s demands for laser hair removal. However it is a technique which requires a certified degree and in order to make sure that there are no burns on your face, you must go to a licensed aesthetician. Another drawback is that it requires multiple sittings and also costs quite a lot when compared to all the above mentioned options. However it is more permanent then waxing and threading. It is also a great option for women suffering from hormonal problems and who have very thick facial hair which is quite painful to remove by waxing or threading.

• Electrolysis is again the same as laser hair removal and may require multiple sittings. It’s a permanent way of getting rid of facial hair and if you can afford it and the time that it takes then its one of the best options of getting rid of facial hair.