How To Get Rid From Wrinkles

Just like pimples, acne , stretch marks and other health and beauty related problems wrinkles is another condition that occurs in a lot of individuals and a lot of people are affected by it. Wrinkles are present in smokers mostly so you should know that there is something in a cigarette that causes the production of wrinkles.

Smoking actually causes the loss of collagen production that is mostly associated with the production of connective tissue. Not every smoking individual has the wrinkles and there is a lot of difference between the wrinkles in a less smoking individual than a chain smoker.

Let us talk about the methods by which you can get rid of wrinkles.

Getting Rid of Wrinkles

  1. Smoking is definitely the major cause for wrinkles so you need to quit smoking immediately. Cigarette causes the decreased production of collagen so connective tissue cannot be formed which causes the production of pre mature wrinkles. Apart from this cigarette cause the decreased circulation in your capillaries due to which not enough blood reaches the capillaries of skin in your face, neck, chest region.
  2. Sun is the second leading cause of wrinkle production in humankind.  Well you cannot avoid Sun but at least you can stay out of the sun light for most of the time. you must  have known that ultra violet rays damages the skin and sun radiates the ultra violet radiations which are not good for the skin of mankind. a lot of people have opted to go out on the beaches for sun tanning without realizing that how harmful the ultra violet rays are. Ultra violet rays makes your skin like leather but that is what causes wrinkle production.
  3. Do not abuse your skin by the use of facial cleaners, face washes and other stuff that just disturbs your skin. Although people claim a lot that these products and things benefits a lot to your skin but I think otherwise. Strong soaps and hot water causes the top layer of your skin to get damaged and decreased production of the sebaceous glands. Oil on your skin is lost due to which wrinkle production is increased in your body.
  4. A healthy diet consisting of Hyaluronic acid is a good source to get rid of wrinkles. Studies have suggested that if you intake higher amount of hyaluronic acid then you have a better chance of not having wrinkles and lack of hyaluronic acid is a cause of wrinkle production in the body.
  5. There are treatments that contain hydroxyl acids and other creams can get you out of this wrinkle trouble. Creams which have higher quantities of hydroxyl acids should be used because they have proved to counter well on the areas that have wirnkles than other creams without the hydroxyl acids. Alpha hydroxyl acid creams are best if your skin has been completely damaged by continuous exposure to the sun.