How To Get Rid From Rash

Rash is a very irritating skin disorder that is not confined to a single place on the skin but can be found in many places. You would see people with the rash on their back, chest, lower limb, abdomen etc. Rash can be found on anyone belonging irrespective of the gender and age but mostly they are found on teenage girls and boys and babies. According to the classification of the Doctors rash is a reaction that can be caused due to ample of reasons. It can change the color of your skin or it can cause you a burning and tingling sensation. Rash can be caused due to multiple of reasons like there are some rashes which are the results or side effects of the antibiotics then there are some rashes which are caused due to some allergy.

Let us take a look at some of the useful tips by which you can get rid of this problem.

Getting rid of the Rash

  • The most common type of rash is that which is caused by dermatitis or excessive exposure to sunlight. These rashes may be due to some type of allergens or irritants. The unique thing about these types of rashes is that they are present in the form of blisters on the epidermis of your skin or sometimes in the dermis of your skin. When you remove the irritant the rash is gone it will take no longer than a few days to bring back your original skin rash free skin. Common irritants because of which you can get the rash are soaps, detergents and different skin cleansing products. On the contrary the allergens are poison ivy plants, common drugs and poison oak plants. The rashes due to the contact from these things can cause burning, itching and large blisters. These rashes will take some amount of time to heal so you need to be patient. The best thing you need to do to cure these types of rashes is by the application of baking soda on the specific place. If baking soda does not work you can use the hydrocortisone cream. If nothing works out then you should definitely need to consult a dermatologist.
  • There are types of rashes you get from different diseased like from chicken pox, small pox or scabies. Chicken pox is normally present in the kids and in order to get rid of the rashes caused by chicken pox you need to keep your kid clean and tidy all the time. To relieve the itching you can try an oatmeal bath and it will help. There is also a pain sensation associated with these kinds of rashes. Sometimes the pain is not very intense but if the pain gets intense with the passage of time then you need to visit a doctor immediately.
  • For the treatment of scabies most of the doctors prescribe some ointments or lotions that could come of some use. Sulfur, Neem oil and tea tree oil are also used to treat scabies.