How to Get Rid From Lice

There are some parasites which have wreaked havoc on human kind and their everyday life over the years and one such parasite is known as Lice. Lice are parasites that dwell on human scalp since the scalp is covered with hair you might not be able to distinguish or get rid of lice very easily but it is a common problem now and can be tackled with a moderate amount of attention and caution. Lice are normally transmitted through a person to person but it can also be transmitted from clothes or everyday things that you use.

You will find lice in a lot of school going children because they can get lice from other children and hardly any lice can be found in adults. There are innumerable ways to kill lice and stop their production or barricade them from growing or coming into your scalp. We shall look at all the procedures of controlling lice in the section below.

Getting rid of Lice

  • ┬áThe first thing you need to adopt is vigilance yes you need to be cautious as this removal of lice is not a difficult process but lengthy. As soon as you are unvigilant there would be a herd of lice in your scalp. So you cannot afford to be unwatchful. Remember adult lice are easy to get rid of as compared to the eggs of the lice. You need to do a lot of things in order to remove the eggs from your scalp. Most of the times people go through the procedures of removal of lice but after some time due to their unwatchfulness lice again grow up in their scalp.

  • For the quality lice treatment you need to buy some anti lice cream or shampoo. There are a lot of such creams and shampoos available in the drug stores. You should also buy a nit comb for lice because normal combs would not work. Due to big gaps in the normal comb it is better to use a nit comb for the removal of lice. If you do not have a nit comb a flea comb for the pets can also be used.
  • There are different lice treatments available in the market, buy some and go through the treatment. You need to make sure that you follow the instructions written on that treatment because it is necessary to follow those instructions if you want to get rid of the lice out of your head. These treatments can be long and might go on for over a week or so.
  • Use the treatment as long as it ha been prescribed but discontinue using as soon as the procedure is completed. Something you need to be careful of is the use of shampoo. Most of the treatments do not recommend using the normal shampoo one to two days after the treatment has been completed but there are some treatments which do not discourage you using the shampoo, so you make sure you follow the instruction regarding the usage of shampoo.
  • Maintain yourself. Be clean. After following the treatment you change your clothes and wear some new ones and not the old ones. There are chances that your old clothes might be containing some lice. So wash them first if you want to use your old clothes.