How To Get Rid From Ear Wax

Ear wax is a product of the sebaceous glands present inside your middle ear cavity and sometimes your external ear cavity. Ear wax is a protective mechanism of the ear and it is not a danger to your ear unless you don’t remove it out of your ear every once in a while. Once the wax starts to accumulate, it can be extremely unhealthy for the body. For the ear it can give rise to different infection which may travel to different parts o your body like in your cranial cavity as well in your mouth region too.

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There are numerous ways by which you can get rid of the ear wax. Let us see them in detail.

Getting rid of the ear wax

  • Prevention of the accumulation of the ear wax is the first thing you need to do and you can do it by cleaning your ear with the  help of cotton swabs every second day. Make sure you clean your ear after you take bath because it is the best time to clean it as your ear is still wet and damp.
  • If the wax has accumulated in your ear then you can remove it by applying the saline solution to it. You can make the saline solution by following method. Take a table spoon of the salt and mix half cup of water in it. Now mix it till it is properly saturated. Now you have to use the cotton bud. Wet the cotton bud in the saline solution. Now you need to tilt your head towards the other side and the ear which has wax in it should move towards the sky. Now take the cotton bud and pour down 2-3 drop of saline solution in it. Now tilt your head to the other side so that your ear should move towards the ground. This is the way so that the saline solution you have poured down in your ear can be drained out along with the wax that has been accumulated in your ear.
  • There is another solution you can use instead of the saline solution and it is known as the hydrogen peroxide solution. Although this is not a very favorable method among the users but it can be used to get rid of the excess wax in your ear. The solution is different but method is all the same. Tilting of the head and pouring down the solution in your ear and then draining it out.
  • If you are a swimmer there are chances that wax will be built up due to constant contact with the water. In that case you need to make a solution by mixing alcohol with the vinegar. Alcohol is used because it is a good agent to evaporate the water. This is a good solution for the swimmers ear and the method is the same like discussed previously.
  • Oil is also a good option to use. You can use baby oil or any other kind of oil and mix it with the cotton bud now clean your wax with it.