How to Get Rid From Chafing

It is has been seen that mostly Obese people have become the victim of chaffing more often. The condition is seen almost in all groups of people at any stage. A person becomes irritated and he is not able to concentrate well on his work because of the pain radiating in the specific area.

It’s really easy to cure and by doing that we can save ourselves from the severe form so the condition can be treated fast. The areas of body which suffer from chafing are inner thighs, groin, under breasts and upper arms. Chafing is more seen in summer days and humid environment according to the climate conditions.

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We can get a relief from the pain by implementing on some methods

Getting rid of Chafing

  • Chafing is a type of skin irritation. It occurs due to rubbing of the body parts such as on inner part of the thighs etc. Mild friction will not cause that much pain but if not treated it can cause redness and tenderness leading to blisters on the skin. The condition is when reached that limit it causes a difficulty in the movement of the body affected part making it intensely painful. We should prevent ourselves from the severe form by treating it early stage and taking care in our activities.
  • Obese people are more prone to chafing due to excessive fat bulk at various parts due to hanging fat .We can avoid such circumstances by losing some weight by doing some cardio and balance diet. Due to more fat storage in the body more sweating occurs, thus perspiration is also the factor. By using some anti perspirators we can get the relief. More often athletes which do marathon and cyclists are seen to suffer more from chafing because extensive period of rubbing/friction occurs between thighs and legs. They can safe their skin by applying some creams cortisone etc as prescribed by your dermatologist.
  • Chafing occurs due to skin on skin contact or skin to clothing rubbing / friction. Wear the clothing according to the activity you are performing for doing exercise, cycling etc use the kind of fabric which makes not more moisturizer on the skin. Don’t wear the clothes which are dirty. Filthy clothes which have are sweaty and have some chemicals can ruin the skin irritation occurs causing chafing. Using 100 percent cotton clothes is preferable instead of synthetic fibers. Cotton is a gentle material and prevents the condition of chafing from getting worse instead of alleviating it.
  • Wearing of loose and tight clothes, both should be avoided. We should keep the skin dry as moisturizer is not good for the skin when it is irritated. Apply petroleum jelly at the affected area so that it will reduce the friction between the two thighs. Talcum powder/ baby powder will reduce the sweat and skin will be dried. Well, antibacterial and baby rash ointment is a relief too but the procedure is a little lengthy so this method is not preferred over the other methods.