How To Get Rid From Acne Scarring

Getting rid of acne is definitely one of the worst nightmares of the teens, but the most troubling thing for a teen is getting rid of the acne scars which unfortunately do not go that easily. Getting rid of the acne scars requires a lot of patience and time because with haste you will only worsen the condition of your face. Not only does these scar damages your skin but it also pollutes the personality of a person. So if you have got acne in your teens or in the later stages of life then you need to get rid of it entirely and not just the acne but the scar marks too.


Let us gaze at some o the techniques or methods by which you can get rid of the acne scars and beatify your skin.

Getting rid of the Acne Scars

  • Before you yourself treat your acne scars first make sure that you consult a dermatologist. After consulting a dermatologist ask him about the kind of scars you have. There are usually four types of acne scars that are found on the human face. These scars are the Icepick scars, Rolling scars, Boxcar scars and Keloid scars. These scars have different properties and these are found at different surfaces on the face.
  • Scars usually result from the degeneration of the collagen of your skin so you need to make sure that the collagen synthesis is sufficient on your skin. For this you should try the tropical creams or ointments and apply it on the affected areas of your skin. Buy the lotions or creams that have sufficient quantities of retinoic acid or Vitamin A, Glycolic acid and Vitamin C which is also known as the Ascorbic acid. These compounds will enrich the collagen production of the skin of your face.
  • If the condition of your face is not that healthy and it cannot be treated well with the lotions or creams then you should go to your doctor and ask him for a chemical peel. The chemical peel procedure is pretty simple. The doctor will remove the top layer of your skin so the new layer from beneath it will topple over it containing a fresh skin without any scar marks.
  • Recently laser surgery has also been introduced for the removal of scar marks. Although this technique is relatively new in many countries and not many people opt or it yet it is decent but costly way to get rid of the acne scars from your face.
  • For preventive measures you need to be cautious. Do not peel or scratch away the scars because if you do, you are inviting a new breed of the scars to develop on your face. This is the first thing what a doctor says to his patient to avoid any sort of contact with the scars and do not touch them. Touch the scars while you apply any lotion or cream or when you are about to wash your face otherwise let your scars as it is.


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